The "GE GE "Factory began life in a small room in Tel Aviv in late 1946.

Arriving in Israel after demobilization from the Polish army, two friends decided to set up a small workshop together for manufacture of military and general steel items. A commodity lacking in the national infrastructure prior to the establishment of the State.

This small workshop inter alia supplied the first manufactured defense products for the nascent army the "Hagana" .With the establishment of the State and the growth of the need for civilian and military products.

The factory developed its production capacity and its fields of production.

Over the years it became a steel factory in all the fields of precision machining ,in defense and civilian manufacture.

The factory today has a staff of 10 and possesses precision machining equipment longitudinal turning with Swiss lathes .computerized turning and subsidiary activities parallel to the production.

The factory has an independent marketing system with serial production items and a stock of civilian items.It counts among its customers the defense industries.the aeronautical industries .Communications and high tech companies.
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